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ParamInformatics executes the following core services in the IT staff augmentation and technology consulting field:
  • IT Contracting – We specializes and successfully competes in this very diverse category of temporary IT employment, which can range from 2 years or more to less than 2 months. We quickly assesses, finds and engages the appropriate IT personnel needs for you, from top-flight IT application developers, designers, senior project managers, architects, database administrators, business subject matter experts to basic IT Infrastructure or IT Help.
  • Contract to Hire – If you want the flexibility of eventually possibly employing a worthy IT consultant, we can arrange this sort of contract, which pro-rates the hire fee downward the longer the freelancer is on contract.
  • Permanent Placement – When tasked to find a qualified full-time IT professional, we functions as a contingent recruiter, only being paid upon a successful recruitment that sticks.
  • Technology Consulting – We provides specialized technology consulting on high-level strategic technology projects, including application transformation projects, and certain other complex application development projects.

How We Work

Our business model embodies a code of conduct with our clients, consultants and staff that incorporates Trust, Service and Reliability. And after every service execution, we also conducts a Test, Scrutinize and Reassess management process in order to ensure on-going top-quality client service.

5-Step Recruitment Process

Our clients want the right IT help -- ASAP. We get that, and have engineered a smart, quick and comprehensive process to make that happen. There are significant qualitative calibrations we share with clients as a matter of course, but for this discourse, the basis process is:
  1. Fully understand the client's IT job requirement(s) in terms of hard and soft skills.
  2. Our cutting edge Recruitment staff conducts an auto-search of our proprietary database of over 500,000 IT professionals while simultaneously 'auto-harvesting' appropriate resumes from virtually all of the IT-focused employment websites into a pool of semi-qualified applicants.
  3. Candidates are then technically and qualitatively screened further depending upon the degree required by the client's job order and corporate fit.
  4. Client feedback loop: Initial presentation of potential IT candidates to the client allows for review and any possible re-calibration of required hard and soft skills.
  5. In-person interview to finalize decision-making by client, as needed.
ParamInformatics helped us finding holes in our decentralized multiple financial systems by creating Enterprise DW and consolidating data from all multiple financial systems. Then, they created BI reports from DW which provided huge corporate saving.
We are going to launch innovative financial service product in the first week of Sep-2012
We added four clients into our portfolio in the second quarter of 2012.
Recently, we opened two off-shore Development centers in India.
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